Service Feedback
October 16, 2020

Our team were thrilled to have received the following feedback on the service on the HealthWatch Herefordshire website.

Healthwatch Herefordshire helps local residents get the best out of local health and social care.  It is about voices influencing the services are used. It gives residents a powerful voice locally and nationally. Whether this is improving services today or helping to shape them for tomorrow.

Judgmental doesn’t exist in their vocabulary.

Visiting a sexual health clinic, particularly a first time, is often daunting with the fear of being judged outweighing the need to go. Thankfully Hereford possesses a gem of a clinic…

Professional and friendly

I visit every 3 months as I’m part of the Prep trial. I’ve never felt a stigma visiting as the staff are very friendly and extremely professional.

Excellent care

I was seen on the same day due to symptoms having arisen. The lead clinician was beyond excellent – very caring and very helpful. Definitely recommend this service.

You can read more about Healthwatch Herefordshire here.