Lockdown sex ban could ‘break the chain’ on HIV
June 11, 2020

New research released has revealed the vast majority of people (84%) are abstaining from sex outside their immediate household because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

This drastic change in behaviour could have a huge impact in the fight against another pandemic, with sexual health experts heralding the UK’s opportunity to ‘break the chain’ on HIV transmission and move closer to the Government’s goal of ending new cases by 2030.

The Terence Higgins Trust, the leading HIV and sexual health charity is launching a wide-scale push on postal HIV testing over the next two weeks (ending 19th June 2020) in order to maximise the unexpected opportunity one pandemic has had on another.

And timing is everything as it can take up to a month from potential HIV exposure for tests to detect the virus, which means anyone who hasn’t had sex since before lockdown will get an accurate result. Anyone who receives a positive result can then access the treatment they need to stay healthy and prevent HIV from being passed on.

Free HIV testing kits are available via post nationally, where you test yourself and get a result within 15 minutes.

Anyone can be affected by HIV but the groups most impacted by the virus are particularly encouraged to test. In the UK that is gay and bisexual men, men and women from black African communities, and trans people.

Those who receive a reactive result will still be able to access the face-to-face support necessary to confirm the result and access free HIV treatment, with social distancing measures in place by contacting the team on 01432 483693.

Your free test can be ordered here